The History of Stone Sculpture
Dec 12, 2018

white marble Jupiter Scuplture

A popular choice for sculptors for many centuries, the stone is valued for its natural elegance, sturdy nature, and versatility. The history of stone sculpture takes us as far back as to the Paleolithic era, and it is regarded as the oldest mobiliary art in the history of civilization.

Selecting rough natural stones and shaping them to a predetermined design is an art mastered and practiced by many ancient societies, and the durability of the material made it possible to take a peek into their unique cultures and artistic practices.

While wood and ivory carving are also practices of the old times, wood is too perishable and ivory can be used only for small-scale figures. From early representations of human and animal forms to the more modern ones, artists have shown their skills in stone creating immortal art as a legacy for future generations. During the 20th century, artists began making abstract stone sculptures breathing a fresh air into an ancient practice.

Chinese traditional lion stone Scuplture

Chinese Stone Sculpture Arts

The Chinese sculptural art traces its roots to antiquityOne of the traditional forms of Chinese sculptural art is stone carving, performed mostly by hand. Sometimes, carving of a particular figure of a hero from Chinese myths and legends took the masters several years. And thanks to their efforts there appeared magnificent stone sculptures of people, animals, birds and flowers.

Stone carving can often be met on large gate velaria and sotne arches of famous buildings. In addition, the carved stone sculpture are uniquitous in caves, cave complexes and religious building,as well as in the graves of outstanding Chinese pelple.

The main purpose of the stone sculptures was a demonstration of strength and power of Chinese ruler and his court.Normally, the stone monuments were installed near the imperial tombs. This type of stone scuplture originated in the period of the "Warring States".

As the development of Chinese engraving technolog, especially in Xiamen province, which has far more than other countrys.With the professional carving term for drawing, produce and quality control, we have do many project of Scuplture and export to all over the world, not only the Chinese traditional sculpture, such as: the lion, the ancient figure, the Buddhism, but also the puplar sculpture in foreign, the Jupiter,the Teresa,the Angel.

So, only inform us the stone sculpture or carving that you want, we believed that we could offer the best price and service for you.

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